WhatsApp Transparent APK Download V12.5 (Official Working)

When we hear about WhatsApp Transparent APK, we all know that it is a modified version of WhatsApp; many users are downloading WhatsApp Transparent on Android devices to get a better chatting experience than before. Today people’s life has completely changed, and people are more interested in finding a simple application with all the features they need rather than having to download multiple apps with different features.

whatsapp transparent apk

WhatsApp, which is an official application, has almost every feature in it, but there are some features that it lacks, but it was the demand of the users. WhatsApp Transparent developers have understood the users’ needs and compiled all the features in it so that users can get more features.

What is WhatsApp Transparent APK?


WhatsApp Transparent APK is a modified version of WhatsApp that allows users to have a transparent chat window. This means that users can see the text of their conversations without having to open the WhatsApp application. The modified version of WhatsApp also includes other features, such as the ability to change your chat background and the ability to hide your online status.

While WhatsApp Transparent APK may sound like a great idea, it is important to note that it is not official WhatsApp software. This means that it is not supported by WhatsApp and may not be safe to use. If you decide to use WhatsApp Transparent APK, be sure to do so at your own risk. So, If you decided to download, we gave the download link and also mentioned what features you would get.

WhatsApp Transparent APK Download: (New Version)

download whatsapp transparent apk
App NameWhatsApp Transparent
RequirementAndroid 5.0 and up
Last Updated1 day ago

What’s Special in WhatsApp Transparent APK?

Suppose you think that what is unique in the Transparent APK Latest Version of WhatsApp, then you should download it to your android smartphone. The answer is straightforward: it has many features that no other modified version offers you at a time on a single application.

It has anti ban function and hence does not let WhatsApp catch you using a modified version and your mobile phone. Also, the download link of WhatsApp Transparent Latest Version APK is given, which is free from all the viruses that are present if you download from an untrusted site. Moreover, the latest version is free from bugs, and when you download it on your android, you will not get any kind of error.

Features Of WhatsApp Transparent APK

We are talking about features because many users do not know about the features in detail. So every feature detail is mentioned below, and before downloading this application, you should read this article to get the best information about this modified version.

Improved Performance & UI

It provides you with better performance, and you will get the best performance of WhatsApp. It has been improved over time, and every other version has a few more features than the previous version. The performance is so good, and no user has ever complained of the application hanging after getting it. So download it for the smooth running of this application and enjoy the better user interface of WhatsApp Transparent Apk.

Better Privacy features

Privacy features are the highlight of any application because we all want privacy in our lives. It has an essential role in our lives, and the developers of GP Apps and WhatsApp Transparent realized the need for a user concerning privacy. They improved the privacy in the latest version of this application, allowing you to block any contacts you want and limiting the number of contacts you can call.

Well, other applications do not provide contact restrictions for calling on the version of the official WhatsApp. Still, WhatsApp Transparent Apk provides you with outstanding features to keep your personal life safe and secure. We care about your privacy, and therefore we prefer that you go to download the modified version of this application.

Advance Customization Options

Customization on a more advanced scale is provided by WhatsApp Transparent latest version. You can customize the chats according to your taste and any messages. Moreover, You can change any profile image, make it the screen behind the conversation, change the green theme of WhatsApp, and make a theme of your choice by using this latest version. It allows you to send files on a large scale and spares you from the fuss of frequent sending of the same files.

Hidden Features

WhatsApp Transparent has improved the hidden area like you can stay online without your friend knowing you are online. These hidden features are very important to maintain privacy and enjoy a personal life. Still, you should be careful when using hidden features because WhatsApp may ban you from using the modified version, and you should be prohibited from further use. You can use different hidden features at other times, but we recommend that you do not use all the hidden features together as it may cause trouble for you in later steps.

Better DND Mode and Anti-Ban System

Do not disturb mode and the anti-ban system is there on WhatsApp Transparent APK. Let me remind you that WhatsApp is an official application, whereas WhatsApp Transparent is an application developed by third-party users because they felt the need to create it. After all, WhatsApp lacks some basic features.

So, there is a danger of banning accounts on WhatsApp’s modified version. However, Developers claim that WhatsApp Transparent’s Update version has an Anti-Ban System, which saves you from getting banned on WhatsApp Transparent APK.

Anti-revoke (anti-revoke messages/status)

By enabling the latest version of WhatsApp Transparent, you can show the media in a big way. Earlier, the official WhatsApp application allowed you to send small-scale media, and you could not send mass media, creating fuss and was just troublesome. If you download the latest updated version of WhatsApp Transparent APK, you can send mass media up to 14, saving you time.

WhatsApp Transparent Old Version Download

WhatsApp Transparent Update: Top Features Offered By New Version

The latest version of WhatsApp Transparent has many exciting features that convince us to download this application on our phones as features are better than in previous versions. By the way, It has several features, which are mentioned below:

  • The brilliant appearance of the transparent display.
  • The presence of a sufficient number of different themes and emoji.
  • Do not disturb mode while you are busy.
  • Anti Revoke function to read deleted messages
  • Customization options for screening chat and various notifications.
  • You can send a large number of files using WhatsApp Transparent APK.
  • Improved privacy options, such as hiding your online status while online.
  • WhatsApp Transparent has better-hidden functions.
  • There is an option to send files of sizes more than 1 GB.
  • You can send large-size videos to your friends and family groups.
  • Audio of more than 100MB can be sent using WhatsApp’s Transparent APK.


WhatsApp Transparent APK safe to use?

Yes, It is safe to use, and you are a hundred percent safe for using this model on the Internet. However, Various modified versions are there which are full of bugs and viruses, and they may harm your essential data, and you may lose your important documents in the procedure. Still, when you download WhatsApp Transparent APK, you will get to know how smooth its experience is and how safe it is.

Will I be banned while using WhatsApp Transparent?

Third-party users developed WhatsApp Transparent, meaning it is not an official application of WhatsApp developers. They’re both different, and if WhatsApp catches you, they’ll ban you from using it, so we recommend that you use WhatsApp Transparent safely means not to use so many features at a time that are not there on the official one.

Which is better, GBWhatsApp or WhatsApp Transparent?

Suppose you ask between WhatsApp Transparent or GBWA. In that case, they both approximately have similar features like being online without showing online status to your friends, without appearing the name in the list of view status of your friends, hiding double ticks, and removing forward tags from different messages. Still, if you decide between the two, we recommend you download GB Plus as it has smooth working and fast performance.

Why is WhatsApp Transparent not on the Google Play store?

Remember that this app is not available on Google Play Store, and you can get the downloading link from the web. The web link is usually used to download modified versions of the search because the applications are created against the terms of the official WhatsApp application’s privacy policy, and Google does not allow some official application privacy violations. Hence, it is not available on Google Play Store. You can get the downloading link on our site.


The WhatsApp Transparent APK is a great way to stay connected with friends and family. It is easy to download and share and provides a great way to stay in touch with loved ones.

I hope you have read the complete article and have decided to download and install this application on your Android devices; why are you waiting for it? Download WhatsApp Transparent Latest Version APK 2023 on your android devices to enjoy the best chatting experience of your life.

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