Truck Simulator Ultimate Mod APK 1.2.7 (Premium Unlocked)

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Enjoy the premium features in the mod version of Truck Simulator, Ultimate Mod Apk, such as unlimited money, coins, and enhanced elements.
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Name Truck Simulator : Ultimate
Package com.zuuks.truck.simulator.ultimate
Publisher Zuuks Games
Category Games
Version 1.2.7
Size 50M
Requires Android 5.0 and up
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Do you want to feel like you’re driving a truck from the comfort of your phone? If so, download the best game about driving a truck right now. When you play Truck Simulator, you’ll have a different experience than when you play other car racing games. The game lets you drive big trucks like you would in real life. You will be able to start your own transport business and run it.

The game comes from the same people who made Bus Simulator Ultimate, which gave people who like driving simulations of big vehicles a reason to smile. More than 250 million people around the world played this game. They’ve made news again with a game called Truck Simulator: Ultimate.

This game is the first time in gaming history that a trucking simulation and a tycoon game have been put together. Set up your transportation business, hire workers, and use the extra money you make to grow your fleet. Today, you can become the king of the roads as you drive worldwide to deliver different kinds of cargo.

Be the Ultimate Truck Driver


In this game, you have to play two different roles. You can become a manager of transportation or a truck driver here. But the primary goal of this great game by Games is still to drive a virtual truck around the streets and highways of Europe. You can do as many missions as possible and make as much money as you want by getting the cargo to the right places.

truck simulator ultimate mod apk unlimited money

You are not free to break the rules of the road. Drive carefully and enjoy the game’s beautiful scenery. Today, you can play the best truck simulation game on your phone and become a tycoon all-in-one fun game. The challenge is to drive through busy, crowded streets in real-life European cities. Make sure you follow the road rules to avoid getting a ticket. Avoid losing money and getting hurt.

In the game, you can choose from various vehicles, such as trucks with trailers, gas tankers, and more. Each car looks different and does something different. As you progress through the game and get more coins, you can use them to unlock other vehicle and performance options. Keep in mind that you can also change the look of your vehicles and improve them with the money you earn while playing.

Features Of Truck Simulator

This game is being played by more than 50,000 people around the world right now. The game is fun because it has a lot of different parts. Enjoy a realistic simulation of driving a truck with other features.

Establish Your Logistics Company

Start your own trucking business and take on a lot of delivery jobs to make money. Hire workers, improve your offices, and buy new trucks so that you can fulfil customer requests and make money. The player can unlock more than 30 trucks and drive on many highways.

establish logsitics company

There is also a mode where you can play with other people. It’s hard to drive trucks, but the game’s controls are easy to use. Don’t forget that you will be running a logistics company. You’ll be working to grow your business when you’re not driving. In Truck Simulator Ultimate, you will be the one to drive trucks and run your own trucking business.

Multiplayer Mode

As you play the game, you can open more business locations in different cities worldwide. Your business should grow and grow until it is the biggest logistics company in Europe. There are also challenges for you to do with other people.

truck simulator muiltiplayer mode

Here, you can race against other players to transport goods and win valuable prizes by participating in actual races. There are more than 30 real-looking trucks, different ways to solve economic problems, detailed truck cabins, and more. You can also go to a used car market, a village road, or a highway with tolls.

Explore the World

You can also explore all of Europe virtually through the game. The game shows a map that is true to life. With the map, you can “drive” to places like Venice, Prague, Berlin, and more than 60 other European cities. You will also go to other real-life social and public places in the game. Several other landmarks will give you the feeling of being a real-life driver steering the car.

Realistic 3D Graphics

truck simulator ultimate everything unlocked

The game’s creator made it with realistic 3D graphics that make it a lot of fun to play. The inside of the truck, like the dashboard, is also made to look like it would in real life. Also, the game’s interface is easy to use, and lets players drive trucks and change the settings without much trouble.

Unlimited Money

You can start the game with as much money as you want. That means you can unlock your favourite trucks and improve their different parts. You could also grow your business quickly if you had unlimited money.

Various Camera Views

different camera angle

The featured camera views let the player change the camera position while driving by clicking the camera button. So, you can just swipe in the middle of the screen to change the angle of view.


You can play Truck Simulator Ultimate Mod APK for free, run your own trucking company, and drive your favourite trucks. Deliver what your clients want, and you can make as much money as you want.

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