Roblox MOD Menu APK V2.570.563 (Fly Hack, High Jump)

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Millions of people join the gaming site Roblox MOD APK every day. This game is available to download for free here.
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Name Roblox
Package com.roblox.client
Publisher Roblox Corporation
Category Games
Version 2.570.563
Size 116M
Requires Android 5.0 and up
Updated On

The updated game Roblox Mod Menu APK includes a menu with options like Super Jump, Walkthrough barriers, Multiple Jumps, Frozen Screen, Explosive Mode, and more.

Imagine a realistic virtual world where you may play, create, and fulfil any fantasy. Let’s say you’re anticipating a wonderful pretending experience or simply just want to relax and chat with your friend online. The Roblox universe can provide you with the best of what you’re looking for in that situation. With complete cross-stage support, you can play with your friends while utilising various devices connected to the same network.

You can enjoy the extraordinary experiences the game delivers while playing it. However, many users yearn for something fresh, unusual, and entertaining, and the Roblox Mod Menu APK can deliver exactly that.

What is Roblox Mod Menu APK?


Master Kramers have created a free mod called Roblox mod menu APK. The main goal of this feature is to make it simple for Roblox players to explore super-like abilities within the game. Additionally, it gives their in-game experience a dash of wild enjoyment.

The Roblox Mod Menu APK only allows for a select few skills, like the ability to fly through the air, wall through walls, see through walls, jump higher than buildings, and use x-ray vision. The unique in-game features are provided without price, so you don’t need to use your Robux to purchase them.

You would need to download and instal the Mod Menu APK on your smartphone using the provided link. By using this mod, you will have access to a variety of unlocked features that will render you immune to any challenges you may face in the game. The APK can’t be found in your app store as a third-party file. Utilise extraordinary powers to explore this limitless virtual world (Jenny Minecraft Mod) and become fixated on your screen for hours.

Features Of Roblox Mod Menu APK

This mod menu has several options that grant your unique character superpowers that may be activated and deactivated. By presenting your character’s invincibility compared to other players, these skills put you ahead of them in the game.


Have you ever wondered what having x-ray vision might be like? You may learn about and experience the wonder of seeing through anything by using this Roblox Mod Menu programme. Everything can be seen through in various hues of black and white if you enable this menu option. Be careful not to take it too far because you can tumble off the edge without realising it because even the ground would look invisible to you.

Extreme Jump

roblox mod apk unlimited robux

Many people have dreams about jumping extremely high, even to the point of landing on top of buildings. I’ve seen the Hulk leap from building to building; therefore, I know I have similar dreams. You can enable the super leap ability with this mod menu and soar to previously unimaginable heights. Even if the police are hot on your trail, it will be far simpler to escape by jumping over obstacles that their little police cars can’t possibly cross, such as buildings and other structures. They claim that a flea can jump the highest. This feature tests that theory in that regard.


You can be unstoppable with this function even if tall walls are in front of you. Nothing can get in your way if this functionality is active. Walk through closed doors with ease and slip right past the bars of the prison to escape. However, occasionally this function goes too far because if you attempt to jump when it is active, you risk sinking through the earth. After that, you would begin to float into an endless chasm until you were reborn. It might even be entertaining to play around with.


roblox mod menu

You may soar through the air like a hawk with this ability, and Superman can’t even come close to touching you. You can fly in any direction by simply holding the jump button. Get to the top of tall buildings faster than all of your friends and experience what it’s like to be the highest person there.

Several Jumps

Using this ability, you can jump to any height and begin to move in the air. You will remain at that level in the air no matter how high you jump. Turning off the feature will cause you to fall to the ground automatically if you want to come back down. You might also remain still as you sag to the ground.

Screen Frozen

roblox screenshot

This feature enables you to observe your character move from a single angle without the screen moving in tandem. If you position the screen in a frozen state, the camera will stop moving. You can view everything from a single point in this manner. Some of the game’s other characters may also experience freezing.

Detonation Mode

With this feature, your character will be thrown around like a bean bag as if there were an explosion.

Evening Mode

roblox screenshot 1

This great function allows you to choose to transform day into the night if you prefer playing at night or are a “nightcrawler.” Once on, the sky is completely obscured. Your environment mimics nighttime, allowing you to move around like a soulless nighttime creature or, more appropriately, like the grim ripper who prowls the darkness. Turn it off to manipulate time like a mighty being by transforming the night back into day.

Leaving Prison

With this feature, you can move through the streets while the character raises their hands as if they were being arrested. It’s fun to play with this talent.

Coloured/chambered Maps

roblox screenshot 2

With this feature, everything becomes bright, as if the in-game environment has just been brightened to its highest setting.


The mod menu APK keeps your account safe at all times by minimising the risk of banning and being safe to use. For any Roblox game you’re playing, use the Roblox Mod Menu APK to access a wide range of remarkable features.

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