Prequel MOD APK v1.58.0 (Premium Unlocked, Without Watermark)

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PREQUEL MOD APK is a photo editing app with some of the coolest filters and effects you've ever seen. Your picture is now a beautiful piece of art. Get it here!
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Name PREQUEL AI Art Avatar Editor
Publisher Prequel Inc.
Category Apps
Version 1.58.0
Size 199M
Requires Android 7.0 and up
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Models and famous people spend a lot of money on having their photos edited by professionals. Many great pieces of software can help you edit images. Editing images is hard, and many people have trouble with it in real life. There are a lot of great apps for editing photos on Android, but most of them look fake. It would be best if you were picky when looking for the best Android app for editing photos. With the Prequel, it’s easier to edit your photos to look like those of your favourite models and celebrities.

You can use the Prequel app for Android instead of spending money on Photoshop or other high-end software. With filters, effects, and editing tools, you can edit photos with all your creativity, just like a professional. The prequel app costs money, but the changed version lets you use it for free. To get the Prequel Modded APK on your device, you must download it from a reliable source like ours. This post will tell you everything you need to know about the Prequel Mod APK.

Features Of Prequel MOD APK


Built-in Camera

real time camera prequel mod apk

With the built-in camera, it’s easier to take great photos. The Prequel is the best camera app out there. It’s easy to use instead of your camera app. When you use the built-in camera, you can apply filters right away. The Prequel app works with all of the new camera APIs. You can make the most of what the camera can do. Some apps, like Snapchat, have built-in cameras but don’t use camera APIs. This makes the quality of the camera terrible.

Advanced Photo Editing Tool

Every app has the essential tools for editing photos. But only a few of them give us access to the paid features. With the new features, it’s easier to get the job done. It lets you use all of the advanced features, which makes editing photos like a pro easier. You might need some time to learn how to use the advanced editing options, but once you do, you’ll have access to a world of possibilities and skills.

Effects and filters

240 plus filters

With so many filters to choose from, Prequel makes it easier than ever to edit photos. We’ve been using it for a long time and think it’s one of the best parts. Effects and filters make it easy to give an image a unique look. Many famous people use high-end effects that can only be made with Photoshop or other advanced software. But it’s easy to get to these paid features with the Prequel app. You can try out any filter that fits your needs before you save your photos. You can use as many filters as possible while taking a picture or after the fact.

Video Editing

Many people find photo editing easy, but video editing can be challenging. The tools for editing videos make it easier for the people who make them to make some fantastic videos. It’s easy for both Instagram reel users and TikTok stars to make the videos. There are a lot of filters and effects for videos, just like there are for photos. This makes it easier to make an interactive video. Users have access to both basic and advanced editing tools, such as changing the timeline and syncing the audio.

Free of Cost

If you go to the Google Play Store and look for a Prequel app for Android, you will find one that costs money. For this app, you must pay for a subscription, so it’s essential to know how much it costs. You can download the Prequel Mod APK for free from our website. We will give you this app for free, with all the paid features unlocked for your convenience. All you have to do is click on the link provided to get this app.

cartoon out of your pic

You won’t have any trouble getting the Prequel app from Google Play Store. But you have to pay an installation fee before you can use it. You can get the Prequel mod app for Android if you don’t want to spend any money but still want to use all the features. We can use the Android version of this app that has been changed. It works fine and is safe for your device to use. You only need to download the APK file and instal it manually. We’ll tell you if you don’t know how to install the software. To use the Prequel app, you must follow the steps for downloading and setting it up.


The Prequel is the best app we’ve used for editing photos and videos on Android because it has great editing tools. Content creators on Instagram and other online platforms should use the Prequel app to work on the creative parts of their content. Please let us know if you have trouble downloading or installing it in the section below.

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