OGWhatsApp APK v20.21 Download Latest Version (Anti-ban) 2023

There is a lot of hype about OGWhatsApp APK, which is trending on the internet; that’s why the link to download the latest version of OGWhatsapp APK from the link provided in this article.

WhatsApp has made progress recently when technology has spread all over the world. WhatsApp has many users, and currently, one cannot live without WhatsApp as it is the most used social application on the Internet. It is a chatting platform and provides a medium to show photos and videos with friends and share different types of jokes and memes on the internet with your friends using WhatsApp.

ogwhatsapp apk download

The modified version of WhatsApp is OGWHATSAPP, which was created long ago, but many users complain about the link because the link is full of bugs and viruses. So recently, OGWHATSAPP has launched a new anti-ban version that is free from all such bugs.

More MODs include GBWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, FMWhatsApp, etc. you can also try them to know feature differences.

What is OGWhatsApp?


OGWhatsApp is one of the modified versions of WhatsApp, which means a replica of the original version with better features than the official application. However, It is developed by third-party developers who aim to provide the users with more features and a new look.

It is not a part of the official WhatsApp application, but a completely separate entity, and the developers are different as well. Because of its features, the users of OGWhatsApp APK are increasing every day as it provides divine facilities to its users, which makes their chat and experience filled with roses.

OGWhatsApp APK Download: (Update Version)

App NameOGWhatsApp APK
RequirementAndroid 5.0 and up
Last Updated1 day ago

Features Of OGWhatsApp APK

The special features of OGWhatsApp are given below in detail. However, We do not know all the features these mods have provided, which hinders our use. So, The features of this particular application given are up to our use; you will know about more features when you start using it.


There are always fears of a number ban as the accounts being created on the modified versions are at risk of being banned by the official WhatsApp application on hold. WhatsApp does not allow the use of the modified version as these versions are created against the privacy policy it has provided to the users.

So if WhatsApp finds that an account is being created on these modified versions, they will block user accounts. But, if you download the latest version of OGWhatsApp, you are free from restriction as it has an anti-ban feature.

Pre-Built Message Scheduler

There is a pre-build messaging scheduler inside the latest version of OGWhatsApp, and you can enjoy the scheduling of messages while using this application. It allows you to schedule a message by typing the person’s name and the time you want that message to be delivered. Enable this feature, and your message will reach your loved one at the time you set in the schedule. Amazing feature, isn’t it?

Make Calls To Non-Saved Numbers

The official WhatsApp application only allows you to call the number that is saved in your contact list. If you want to call someone whose number doesn’t save on your contact list, you cannot make the call on the WhatsApp application as you have to save that number first. Then you are allowed to call that person, but if you download OGWHATSAPP, you will know that this OGWhatsApp has saved you from this hassle, and you can call anyone anywhere without saving his number on your contact list.

Inbuilt Status Download Feature

There is an inbuilt status downloading feature present inside the latest version of OGWHATSAPP, which is an anti-ban version. The official WhatsApp application does not allow you to download your friends’ status updates, and you will need to screen record or download other applications to download your friend’s status.

It takes a lot of time and bothers you, and your routine becomes very messy because you have to go through a long process to download that application on your android devices, but if you use OGWhatsApp, then directly you can download your friend’s status updates.

Increased Characters For Written Status

Initially, the writing status of WhatsApp’s official application was very low. Now WhatsApp provides you with enlarged characters to write status updates. However, this is still too low, and users have to write multiple conditions to deliver what they want to the audience viewing their status.

OGWhatsApp has solved this problem as it has enhanced status writing features. You can update your status using as many characters as you want without repeatedly uploading your status.

Set Group Name Up To 35 Characters

Official WhatsApp allows you to get the group name inside WhatsApp with up to 35 features. Initially, it was difficult to name the particular group of your choice as WhatsApp only allows you certain characters. If you have a long group name, you cannot write it and will have to modify it characters-wise. This is not a problem after the entry of OGWhatsApp because you can download it and update the group name as you wish without a character limit.

Copy Anyone’s Status

You can copy anyone’s status update to your clipboard using OGWA. Earlier, It was only possible by cropping status using the screenshot method on the official WhatsApp application. It does not allow us direct copying the status of any of our friends. Now, This feature is available on the modified version of WhatsApp, which is OGWhatsApp, and you can use it from there.

Block Specific Contact’s Call

OGWhatsApp gives you the ability to block more specific contact calls even in bulk. However, WhatsApp does not provide you with this wonderful opportunity, and you are a nuisance as you have to block callers again and again. But, With this application, you can limit and set the number of contacts that can call you at any given time, and this will save you the fatigue of blocking contacts repeatedly.

Send Up to 90 Images At a Time

Using OGWhatsApp, you can send more than 90 images at a time. With the use of WhatsApp, you can only send 30 pictures at a time because WhatsApp has limited capacity, and you are sending only 30 pictures.

Inbuilt Whatsapp Locker

There is an Android WhatsApp Locker that locks your WhatsApp account when you’re on a modified version. We know that privacy concerns are the major concerns of OGWhatsApp, and they have delivered their promises in terms of privacy.

Need To Know About OGWhatsApp

There are special things that no one told you before, but in this article, we will tell you in detail about some things you want to know about OGWhatsApp. The things you need to know about OGWhatsApp are given below.

Use OGWhatsApp APK as a Secondary Account

We prefer you should use OGWhatsApp as a secondary account and not as a primary account because these methods are likely to get banned when WhatsApp catches them, so you have to use your primary account as you Must do as a business account and use a secondary account for chatting purposes on OGWhatsApp.

Do Not Overuse Any Features

You should not overuse any facility. You can use various features, but if you use a feature excessively, WhatsApp can find your account, which will trigger them to ban your account. So you don’t need to use more than one feature at once which is not available on the official one.

OGWhatsApp Update Version (Some Other)

Installation Guide Of OGWhatsApp For Android Device

Now you all know about OGWhatsapp; from where will you download it and how to install it? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! To install OGWhatsapp on your Android phone, just read this installation guide.

Step 1: First of all, you need to download OGWhatsApp APK download from a trusted source, which we provide above. We have provided you with the direct download link of the working OGWhatsApp APK.

Step 2: After downloading the OGWhatsapp Updated APK, go to your phone’s file manager, look for the OG WhatsApp APK and tap on it. This will start the installation process; it may take a few moments.

Step 3: After the installation process is complete, you do not need to do anything. All you have to do is to open the app and start using the awesome and useful features of OGWhatsApp APK.


Is OGWhatsapp an official application?

OGWhatsApp is not an official application of WhatsApp, but it is a modified version that some third-party founders developed. This party had the image of making a modified application, and they have brought their fantasy to reality. You should not consider it as an official WhatsApp application because an anonymous developer develops it, and no one knows what’s going on in their mind, so use it at your own risk.

Is OGWhatsApp APK free to use?

OGWhatsApp is free; you don’t need to spend a single penny to get this application on your Android devices. All you have to do is download it to enjoy the best features. By the way, It contains an advertisement for its use as they generate revenue to maintain the service.

Will I be get banned from using OGWhatsapp?

It has already been said that the latest version of OGWhatsApp has been updated and is anti-ban, but you are likely to get banned if you use the same feature frequently on the application. You should use OGWhatsApp carefully because you can be blocked by WhatsApp very easily.

Will I be able to communicate with other people who use the official version?

Yes, you will be able to communicate with other people who use the official version. This is just a modified application with some advanced features, and it has nothing to do with communication with other people using the official version. So get rid of this worry as they use the official API for building this application.


Lastly, I would like to say in favor of OGWhatsApp APK Download that it is one of the smartest mods available on the internet right now. It is gaining fame in no time as it has an anti-ban feature and is the most updated application ever in the WhatsApp MODs category. So if you want to enjoy the features of OGWhatsApp, you have to follow the installation guidelines to download it and install it in your Android device to enjoy all its features without any issue.

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