Motionleap MOD APK v1.3.15 (Unlocked All) Without Watermark

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No doubt! There are a lot of photo editing applications there, but you should keep trying new ones, such as Motionleap MOD APK, as there may be some new features that will be helpful for your project.
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Name Motionleap by Lightricks
Package com.lightricks.pixaloop
Publisher Lightricks Ltd.
Category Apps
Version 1.3.15
Size 108M
Requires Android 7.1 and up
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Want a photo editor who can bring your photos to life? If so, you can stop looking for that photo editor because we’ll give it to you. Lightsticks Ltd. made Motionleap, an online photo editor. This app is getting popular all over the internet because millions of people have downloaded it and are happy with it.

Motionleap is a 3D photo editor that lets you add movement to still photos. To do this, it has a lot of excellent tools and features that make it stand out from other apps. This photo editor lets you quickly turn any picture into a moving one.

This app isn’t massive, but you should make sure to run it on a suitable, up-to-date smart device to get the most out of it. Since the motionleap app is small, you don’t need much storage space to get it. No one has complained about bugs or slowness in this app because it has been well-tuned. All smart devices also work well with it. Let’s look at some other parts of the motionleap app in more depth.

What is Motionleap APK?


3d camera view

Motionleap Apk is the basic version, and you can get it for free from any app store or website on the internet. You don’t have to pay to put this app on your device, but you do have to pay for the premium tools and features. You can also take creative photos with many free features and tools. There are also ads in the standard version of motion leap, which may be annoying while you use it.

What is Motionleap MOD APK?

You can find the modded version of Motion Leap Photo Editor on our site. It has some remarkable features that aren’t in the standard version. You don’t have to pay them to download this app because of this feature, and it’s also free to download.

You have to pay to use premium features in the standard version, but in the mod version, you don’t have to. In the “mod” version of this photo editor, you can use all the tools and features that usually cost money for free. So you don’t have to pay for premium items in this app either since the mod gives you the whole app for free. In the mod version, there are no ads, so that you can focus on your work.

Features Of Motionleap MOD APK


animate in seconds

The best thing about Motionleap is that it can make your photos look like they are moving. If you don’t know how to turn simple images into cool animations, use this app. Here, it’s easy to move still water, make dispersion effects, 3D effects, and more. To make the animation happen, you just point the arrows in the direction you want them to go and set anchor points. Then, use the Freeze brush to stop moving the parts you don’t want to move.

Change Background

Motionleap is also great because changing a video’s background is simple. Change the sky, clouds, the sun’s colours, and how fast time goes. With the tools that come with Motionleap, you can likely change any background you have. But for the best results, edit photos with clear backgrounds like skies, mountains, and bodies of water.

Add Effects On Video

Motionleap is an app that has some of the best features in the whole world. Here, you can make the hair, clouds, waves, clothes, and many other parts of a photo move. You can also make epic photos that will make it easy for you to switch between images.

express yourself motionleap mod apk

You usually can’t get these effects without a professional app like Adobe Premiere or Final Cut. But Motionleap’s technology is so advanced that any photo can look like it was taken by a pro immediately.

Apply Filters

Filters that add colour to photos always make them more exciting and show them in a new way. Because of this, the motion leap editor has a lot of great filters you can use to add more colour to your photos.

add unique overlays

All of these filters are easy to use, so all you have to do is choose the one that fits your needs best, tap on it to change the colour intensity, and your picture is done. A motion leap app has such an exemplary user interface that you will never have any problems with it.

Advanced Editing Tools

The best and most powerful photo editing tools are only free in the Motionleap app. This app has a high rating because people are happy with it. This app has everything you need to edit photos well, so as long as you have motion leap on your device, you won’t need any other apps.

However, The best thing about this editor is that the people who make it regularly send updates with new tools, filters, and effects. So, a motion leap is the best way to get the best photos for your social media.


How do I get free premium 3D effects with Motion Leap Mod APK?

If you want free premium 3D effects in motion leap apps, get the tweaked version of this app. Once you instal it on your device, you can use all of its features.

How can I get paid Motion Leap tools for free?

To do this, you need to get the “mod” version of the Motion Leap app, which gives you everything for free. All paid tools will be free in the “mod” version.


Motionleap is a photo editor that has the best and most expensive tools for making animated and 3D photos. All of the features and options work very well because of how they are optimised and how they are used. This photo editor is also easy to use, so you won’t have any problems while using it. You can download the motion leap photo editor from our website if you want to show your friend’s amazing 3D pictures on social media. Install this unique app to take great pictures.

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