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WhatsApp is quite a popular messaging application, and this is because we’re in an era of technological development. Also, The features of WhatsApp make it very important in the life of almost every person who has a phone. But the original WhatsApp application has some flaws in terms of features.

jtwhatsapp apk download

There are some features that can be added to the native application, but they are overlooked. Keeping this in mind, a Team of third-party developers has developed JTWhatsApp APK, which has some amazing features that all users like. By the way, You can download this application for free from GBAppsKing.

What is JTWhatsApp APK?


WhatsApp is used by almost everyone who has a smartphone these days for texting, calling, video calling, etc. JTWhatsApp is similar to WhatsApp but with some modifications and many extra unique features like you can hide blue tick, your status, tons of unique cool themes, different types of modifications, etc. The most exciting thing is that it is available for free and does not require rooting of your Android device. As usual, if you use this application, there may be chances of losing the warranty of your smartphone.

Although JTWhatsApp is undoubtedly the best and safest WhatsApp modified app available on Android, not only because of its vast downloads and best features. Their developer keeps updating, and we make them available on our site by collecting from different sources; you can bookmark it so that if an update arrives, you can download it.

By the way, This application is very safe to use without any restrictions and supports a hundred languages ​​without any restrictions. It is undoubtedly the best application to download, so that was about this JTWhatsapp application. Now let’s move on to its features but before that, if you want to download it, click on the button given below.

JTWhatsApp APK Download: (JiMODs)

App NameJTWhatsApp APK
Size52.3 MB
RequirementAndroid 4.0 and up
Last Updated1 day ago

Why JTWhatsApp APK?

When they started the project to develop this amazing application, their goal was not to create another feature-less WhatsApp clone application that was done like many other developers in the market. JTWhatsApp APK’s main goal was to enhance the functionality of the WhatsApp application, which was done by adding some unique features.

Some of these features were asked by WhatsApp users, and some were our innovative features. Here are the features that come in this amazing JTWhatsApp APK application. If you want to download this application, you first know about the features of this modified version.

Features of JTWhatsApp APK

Schedule Message

People often get so busy in their life that they forget to send something important on time. They introduced this amazing feature in earlier versions of modified WhatsApp that allowed you to schedule any text message, which will be sent automatically when the time comes.

However, The original WhatsApp application and some clone applications also lacked this amazing feature. Hence, The team of Jimods developers worked hard to introduce this amazingly helpful feature in JTWhatsApp APK. You will never miss sending an important text using this feature.

Easy To Use UI

JTWhatsApp’s main goal was to provide an easy-to-use interface to its users. In this application, the interface is similar to the original WhatsApp. Still, some additional features are integrated into the application as per their requirements so that each user can easily navigate through all the features.

Download Status

One of the features of this JTWhatsApp APK is that you can use the status feature of native WhatsApp. However, The usage is the same, but there is an additional feature that allows you to download any status uploaded by any of your contacts without third-party apps.

This is a very much-needed feature as it saves time and resources. Because with this application, doesn’t need to download any other application, especially to download your friend’s status. However, You can find this features also on other modified versions including YoWhatsApp.

File-Sharing Limit

It is a very annoying thing in native WhatsApp that you can only send a small number of pictures once. Users have raised this issue many times, but there has been no response to it. However, Some similar apps have increased their media sending limits, but people are stuck on WhatsApp as they don’t want to try another one.

But these are still not enough. So, in this modified version of WhatsApp, They allowed users to send over 90 photos simultaneously. This can be very useful for users when they have to send a large number of pictures to someone at a time.

Call Without Saving

Calling on WhatsApp saves a lot of money as it works on your internet connection and doesn’t cost you any extra credits. But there is a problem that is a waste of time which is required to save any number in your contact list before calling on WhatsApp.

In JTWhatsApp APK, this problem is solved as you can call any number without needing to save it in your contact list.


In many modified applications, it was a problem that you were banned from using WhatsApp for using third-party apps. But in JTWhatsApp, this problem is solved, and you can use this application without the fear of getting banned. Moreover, You can also use GBWhatsApp, which has the anti-ban feature.

Block Specific Contact

People usually have different preferences. S, but some want to block some of their contacts completely. On the other hand, some want their contacts to be blocked only by specific features. This is a big issue in the native WhatsApp application: you can completely block a person from contacting you or unblock them. There is no interrupt in the original WhatsApp application, but the problem is with many WhatsApp modified versions. This problem is dealt with efficiently in the JTWhatsApp APK.

If you want to block a person just like the native app completely, you can do so. But if you want to block only those contacts from making calls, then you can also do that by using this JTWhatsApp APK. This is another amazing feature introduced in this application, and the users like it as it enhances the practicality.

However, In this time of technological advancement, the WhatsApp application is an essential application lacking some features. Many developers in the world tried their best to provide their users with those features, but almost all of them failed. Every modified application lacked something that led it to failure.

JTWhatsApp New Version Download


What is JiMODs (JTWhatsApp)?

JiMODs is nothing but a different name for the same JTWhatsApp, which is a modified version of official WhatsApp that gives us more features that you can’t find elsewhere.

Is JTWhatsApp safe to use?

Not all applications that third-party developers develop are safe, as it often depends on the source from which you download. However, We provide a safe and secure application that passes virustotal tests. Also, Before installing, you can also scan the app from any online tool to know about its safety.

How do I update JTWhatsApp APK?

People generally ask this question as there isn’t any developer platform from where open can download an updated one. So you have to rely on an external source; that’s why we have given you the updated version, and also you can download the latest one whenever we update this article, so regularly visit this site.


After knowing about this application, I hope you will try it to get the experience of the features we mentioned above. By the way, JTWhatsApp is almost similar to the official one as it was developed using the same API, but with some modifications, so you get something new.

In JTWhatsApp APK, users’ preferences were our first priority during the development process. That is why they introduced some of the most impressive features in this application. These features are updated regularly by their team of developers. So, If you want to download this application’s updated version, you must keep visiting GBAppsKing.

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