FMWhatsApp APK Download (Latest New Version 2023)

Nowadays, Everyone is using smartphones for their social life. For this reason, People generally install many applications to communicate with their loved ones. Everyone knows about WhatsApp, a chatting application, but only a few people are aware of its modified versions that allow you to use the hidden features of the official WhatsApp.

The official WhatsApp has many restrictions and limitations when communicating with others. But, With modified versions, you can access hidden and some extra features of WhatsApp. In this article, I will tell you about the modified version of the official WhatsApp called FMWhatsApp.

fmwhatsapp apk

In FMWhatsApp, you can easily do many things that can’t be done on the standard version, like hiding a few things such as blue tick, last seen from specific contacts, status privacy, disabling voice calling (if you want), support 100+ languages and many more features are present for free.

FMWhatsApp has all the features that are provided by the official WhatsApp, like voice and video calling, location sharing, chatting, document and contact sharing, etc. FMWhatsApp is the most popular application for those who use multiple WhatsApp accounts. Moreover, it has an anti-ban system, and its developers update it regularly so that you can enjoy this application for a long time without any bugs or errors. So let’s know what it is FMWhatsApp?

What is FMWhatsApp?


FMWhatsApp is the latest modified version of official WhatsApp, which is now available for all mobile devices. Fouad Makdad develops this app; hence it is also called Fouad WhatsApp. This application allows you to modify your WhatsApp features for free by adding additional functionality like hiding blue or double ticks.

By the way, The purpose of developing this WhatsApp-modified Application was only to provide some better features to the users. These features are some of the minor changes made in the application which can provide a better user experience.

Here we will discuss some of the features of this WhatsApp-modified application. These features are new and are the first to be introduced. This not only makes this application better for the users but also makes this application the best in the market available right now.

FMWhatsApp APK Download: (Update Version)

App NameFMWhatsApp APK
Size51 MB
RequirementAndroid 5.0 and up
Last Updated1 day ago
Old VersionClick Here

Features Of FMWhatsApp APK

The main reason for developing this application was to improve the features. The features that were missing in the original WhatsApp were added to this application. Some of the features are explained below:

Customization Options

In the original application, very few customization options were available, but there are many options in this application. These options are about changing the stock theme of the WhatsApp application.

You can select any theme from the library, which has a large number of themes that you can apply. In addition to the theme, you can change the application’s icon. Also, you can change the color of the icons or icons of all the buttons inside the application.

Improved Security

In terms of security, the application has a security lock. You can lock your application with any kind of password or PIN, depending on your preference. There is also an option to secure a chat with a specific person by adding a PIN, and in this way, you will avoid accidentally deleting those chats.

Better Privacy Terms

This application has many features in privacy options that can make your life more private. Firstly, there is an option where you can disable your delivery and read the report. This is a very interesting option because people using native apps instead of modified APKs will never know about this feature.

Another amazing feature is that you can disable the functionality of making video calls; it will also restrict others from making video calls to you. Apart from these fantastic features, you also have the option to add a security lock to your application which we had discussed earlier.

Multimedia Compatibility

FMWhatsApp is even better than the original application in terms of multimedia compatibility. In the native application, you face some restrictions, but there is also no limit on the size of the file you are sharing in this application. Also, The number of pictures and recipients you can select and send at once has increased in FMWhatsApp. You have to download this Fmwhatsapp application to get these features, such as compressed images while sharing. In this application, you also have the option to send pictures without compressing them.

There is also no limit on the file size you share in this application. Also, The number of pictures and recipients you can select and send at once has increased in FMWhatsApp. To get these features, you have to download this Fmwhatsapp application.

Dual Accounts

For some users, this is the feature they have sought for years. With the release of this WhatsApp, the need is felt that there should be an option to manage two accounts on one phone. There was no practical solution to this problem, but some developers created apps that manage other accounts. But they failed utterly.

Those who prefer to manage their business and work accounts separately from their family accounts face many difficulties. Some of them had to have two separate tools to manage these accounts separately. But now, with FMWhatsApp, the problem is solved as it has support to manage two different accounts using one application.

Better Options Regarding Your Chats

Fmwhatsapp has all the practical options you can think of. By the way, there are some changes had done related to your chats and their privacy. During the development of this application, a primary concern was to provide users with the most practical options to use.

For privacy’s sake, They added new features to hide your read receipts, and you can do this to prevent people from seeing the delivery and sending status of your messages. Apart from this, you can also disable the delete message functionality. Using this feature, you can stop deleting messages sent by them.

Another fantastic option not available in the native application but present in this application is that you can change the colors of your text. This is a very practical option as many people do not like to have stock colors. Also, People dislike that there is no option to change the color. It also proves to be very useful for color blind people.

Sharing/Group Options

FMWhatsApp developer has focused on making it as practical as possible. Usually, the WhatsApp application does not allow you to share files of large sizes as you have to transfer them using cloud storage or some other medium.

The FM WhatsApp application has almost no limits for file-sharing purposes. You can send large files without any hesitation. This makes this application very practical as you can do all your important work using just one application. Also, This makes it much easier for users to manage and keep track of what they share.

In terms of groups, you can create larger groups than groups in native WhatsApp. Not only does this make it more practical, but it also makes it user-friendly as you can deal with many essential things in a single application.

Tweaks Better

The features discussed above are new to WhatsApp users as these are not available in the native application. The developer has tried to provide the best features to make Fmwhatsapp more advanced in terms of features. These features can easily justify using this application.

FM WhatsApp Old Version Download

Some users look for an old version of the application because of some features as developers keep updating and removing a few outdated features; that’s why we had given some FMWhatsApp Old Version. Below, you can download your desired one and let us know if you want other versions.


Is FM WhatsApp legal?

Yes, it is entirely safe to use. But, The app developers say this is a graylist app that is neither legal nor illegal. So, It totally depends on you; whether you want to download it or not.

From Where can I download FMWhatsApp APK?

We know there isn’t any official source available for this modified version as the developer didn’t make so the only option you have is to keep visiting GBAppsKing to download the latest version.

Is there any difference between WhatsApp Plus and FMWhatsApp?

Some features are not available on WhatsApp Plus but on FMWhatsApp and vice-versa. So, Both have some unique feature and is capable of holding you for a longer time.


After reading this article, you all have come to know about FMWhatsApp. According to GBAppsKing, FMWhatsApp is currently the best-modified version of official WhatsApp available for all android devices. By the way, This app is developed by Fouad Makdad; hence it is also called Fouad WhatsApp.

Moreover, FMWhatsApp allows you to modify your WhatsApp features by inserting additional functionality like hide blue tick or hide double tick, so download the latest version of FMWhatsApp from our site and enjoy the hidden features of WhatsApp.

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