Carrom Pool MOD APK v7.1.1 (Unlimited Coins/Gems, Aim Hack)

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Carrom Pool MOD APK is a great game for anyone who likes to play indoor games because it has unlimited coins and gems.
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Name Carrom Pool : Board Game
Package com.miniclip.carrom
Category Board
Version 7.1.1
Size 110M
Requires Android 5.0 and up
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If you want to find Carrom Pool Mod Apk, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’ll show you how to get unlimited coins and gems in Carrom Pool Mod Apk. You don’t have to pay to get Carrom Pool Mod Apk. We always give our users apps that work and are free of bugs.

What is Carrom Pool MOD APK?


Carrom Pool Mod APK is a great game mostly played in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and other countries. There are two ways to play this game: “Classic Mode” and “Pool Mode.” You can play games online with people all over the world.

In this game, you must get all the discs into the hole. The team or person who receives the most points wins. In this game, you can unlock new things like strikers, items, gems, and pucks, and you can get pucks for free.

Miniclip made Carrom Pool, which can be played both online and offline. When you play this game, you’ll feel like you’re playing the game in real life. People get hooked on this game because the graphics are friendly and the controls are easy to use.

Features Of Carrom Pool MOD APK


Carrom Pool screenshot

It’s fun to play any game with friends and family. You can play this game with your friends in the carrom pool. At the moment, this game can be played by 4 people, just like a real carrom game. You can compete against your friends and earn more coins.


Carrom Pool screenshot_2

It’s fantastic that you can play a game with your friends while sitting apart from them. Carrom Pool is a website where you can play this game. This game is better than real-life Carrom because you can only play real-life Carrom with your friends if you are all in the same room together. But this online carrom pool game lets people sit in different cities and countries and still play this game.


Carrom Pool screenshot_3

If you are getting bored and your friends are not online. Don’t worry, though, because you can still play this game on a computer. The computer will play this game as if it were a person.

Unlimited Gems

In this game, gems are a significant way to get money. Because when you have enough gems, you can open up more features. But the question of how to add more gems to the carrom pool comes up. The answer is that you will get more games the more you win. You will take some of your gems away if you lose a game.

Carrom Pool screenshot_4

But hold on? Why would you do anything to lose? We have a mod for it that gives you unlimited Coins and Gems. So, get this version with the mods from here and win every game.

Buy Something From Stores

Carrom Pool screenshot_5

The Shop Section will be on the right when you start this game. You can get gems, Master Chests, Supreme Chests, Pro Chests, and more here. But you have to spend a lot of real money to gain everything. But hold on! You can use our modded version to unlock all of these items.

Ads Removed

Carrom Pool screenshot_6

We just took away all the apps from this game, which is excellent news for people who like to play Carrom. You can now enjoy it without commercials. Now, ads that pop up won’t bother you at all.

Playing for free

Carrom Pool screenshot_7

All Android users can use the Carrom Pool Mod Apk game for free. It has all the best features, and you don’t need to buy anything else. So, get it and enjoy it for free for the rest of your life.

Unlocked All Chest

In our mod version, you will be able to open all chests.

  • Paris Stage Bronze Chest
  • Supreme Chest
  • Pro Chest
  • Delhi Lounge Bronze Chest
  • Master Chest

Game Modes

Play Carrom

Play Carrom is almost the same as Play Disc Pool, but there are a few minor differences. Instead of 12, there will be 13 troops on the table. It’s important to remember that you have to eat the red unit before the last team. If not, our opponent will do this, and it will be easy for you to beat them.

Try out Disc Pool

It has a lot of well-known places, like Delhi, Paris, London, Dubai, New York, Mumbai, and so on. Each player makes a bet before the game begins in this game version. In the end, all the players’ money will go to the winner.

Practice Mode

This is an accessible mode, as the name suggests. You can play this mode to learn how to play the game. Since it’s just a practice game, no one will worry about losing money.


If you like the game Carrom but don’t have anyone to play it with in person, you should try it online with your friends. Once you play this game, you’ll want to play it repeatedly.

I hope you like this game and all the information about it, and I hope you’ll tell your friends about it on social media. If you have any trouble getting this Carrom Pool Mod APK, please let us know in the comments. We’ll fix your problem as soon as we can.

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