Asphalt Nitro MOD APK v1.7.5a (All Cars Unlocked)

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Name Asphalt Nitro
Publisher Gameloft SE
Category Games
Version 1.7.5a
Size 46M
Requires Android 4.1 and up
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Want to hear about a top-rated game about racing cars that you can easily play on your Android phone or tablet? If so, Asphalt Nitro Mod Apk is a trendy racing game with the most popular vehicles in the world. The people who play this game are very good. Don’t test their driving skills because they are so good at it that they might burn the road. Asphalt Nitro is not just one game. It is a series of racing games same as of Asphalt 8.

You just have to run miles away from the starting points with your cars or race cars to see how fast they are. You can drive many licenced luxury cars in this game, and it’s a lot of fun. In this game, your opponents are played by dangerous drivers who are out to kill you. You can go to famous cities worldwide and do as many missions as possible. This game will take you to the real gaming world. You can make your dream of racing more exciting and full of adventure by downloading this game.

Gameplay: Asphalt Nitro MOD APK


The game Asphalt Nitro came out on October 27, 2015, and more than a million Android users have already downloaded it. This game was never the same as when it first came out because the person who made it worked very hard on it and changed it often. With these updates, the game gets more new features that make it more exciting and adventurous.

download asphalt nitro mod apk

Asphalt Nitro has many more features in the Apk version than in the actual version. In fact, this version is best for racing game fans because they can play it without any limits. This modified version gives you unlimited money, you can unlock all kinds of premium cars and start racing right away, and there are no ads in this version, which is the icing on the cake. With this version, you can drive the best cars in places like Hong Kong, Brazil, Navidad, the United States, and many others.

You will have cars on a whole new level, like a Lamborghini Veneno, a BMW, a Mercedes, or any other new car you want. During the race, drive these cars at crazy speeds and do a bunch of crazy stunts. And win by firing the Nitro as well as you can. Because of this nitro, you can cover miles in seconds. It upgrades your car and makes it go faster and faster.

Features Of Asphalt Nitro MOD APK

This version has many features that are why racers and players like this game so much.

Unlimited Money

With this version, you can have as much money as you want. You need this money to unlock new levels, go to the cities you want to see, and buy any car you want. The car can be old or new, the latest version or an older one, or upgraded or not. You just have to buy it, turn on the engine when you get on the road, and be ready for the fuel to catch fire.

Premium Cars Unlocked

premium cars unlocked

If you want to drive new, expensive cars in this game but can’t afford them, don’t worry because this Apk version gives you access to all the premium cars even if you don’t have enough money to buy them. You can pick the cars you want to drive and go as fast as possible.

Wonderful 3D Graphics

race around the globe

This game is also known for its great 3D graphics, which make it look more natural and give the player a real feeling. This is the best part of this game because you can see the world around you while driving the car. The surroundings are significant when it comes to having fun while going. This game takes place in many different cities and has a 3D look that makes it even more beautiful.


Also, you can make your own cars and change the look of the ones that are already there. People have different tastes and likes, so this game lets them change their vehicles to suit their own preferences. This feature is straightforward to use, and anyone can do it.


Another great thing about this game is that it has a lot of cool and exciting things players can do to move on to the next level. These missions are like challenges for the players, which makes them want to play the game more. Some of these jobs are

  • Ride up a very steep hill
  • Throw the car into the air and make it do beautiful and challenging tricks.

If you do these tricks, you’ll get more points than your opponent and beat them if you do more things.

Play with Friends Online

pvp mode in asphalt nitro

Want to play this game online with friends? Yes, you can play it online and challenge your friends to race with you. This will make the game more fun. All you have to do is ask your friends to play a game with you, and you’re done. You can do stunts with them or beat them online to show off your driving skills. They would be really impressed by how well you drive.


The worst part of a game is when you’re playing it or about to win, and an ad pops up on the screen and ruins the fun by staying there for a long time, making you lose interest in the game itself. But in this Apk version, no more audio or video pop-ups get in the way of the Amazing Race or the competition between players. You just have to drive your luxury premium cars through beautiful cities with amazing 3D graphics without worrying about ads.

Unbelievable Speed

ramp up the action

In this game, the cars go so fast it’s hard to believe. Once you start a car and press the accelerator, you’ll be amazed at how fast the cars go. People know these cars for how fast they are and how often they win. The speed they gain is out of control, so gird up your lions to play a car racing game and have the fastest time of your life.

Strong Engine

Once you start the car, you’ll find out what it can really do. The engines in these cars are powerful. These engines can go for miles without gaining or losing any time. Because of how smooth they are on the road, these engines can make the ride more pleasant. These engines are made to go a long way without getting broken. Even if the engine is broken after a lot of races, you can still fix it or change it. Or you could just buy a new car.


In the end, it’s a game with many features and is made for people who like racing. These players can get the most out of the game because it has excellent premium cars, the best cities in the world, and new places. The cars are also going at crazy speeds that can drive anyone crazy.

So, just get the game on your Android and have fun running away from the police, doing incredible stunts, leaving your parts behind, and going on a long ride miles away from where you started.

Thanks for reading the article; one gird up your loins and drive on the roads forever.

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