Aim Carrom MOD APK V2.7.4 Download (Latest Version)

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The Aim Carrom Mod Apk is a cheat tool for the Carrom Pool. It has a lot of useful features that will help you win all of your carrom games.
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Name Aim Carrom
Publisher tangbei0727
Category Board
Version 2.7.4
Size 15M
Requires Android 5.0 and up
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Carrom Pool is a fun game that almost everyone loves and plays worldwide. So, if you already know about this game, this app will be helpful. The app is called “Aim Carrom Mod Apk,” and it is a tool for the game “Carrom Pool.”

Gameplay: Aim Carrom


There was a time when we didn’t have smartphones to keep us busy when we were bored or had nothing to do. We used to pass the time by playing board games at that time. The most well-known of these board games were ludo, chess, and, last but not least, carrom.

There are now many carrom games you can play on your phone. Carrom Pool is one of these games. Now, if you’ve ever played this carrom pool game, you know it’s not easy.

To get ahead in this game, you have to be very skilled. The game is very hard, both against computer-controlled opponents and against real people in the multiplayer mode. So, if you want to cheat, this app is the one you should download.

Features of Aim Carrom MOD APK

The Aim Carrom Mod Apk is a cheat tool for the game Carrom Pool. It has many valuable features that will help you win all of your Carrom Pool games. So, read the next part to learn more about the app.

Get A Better Aim

get better aim on carrom pool

When you use this app, your aim will get better. You can see which shot will get you more hits and how many pots you can make. You’ll also know what will happen if you play a particular shot in a specific direction.

Power To Call the Shots

aim carrom hack features

If you know what will happen before you shoot your carrom disc, you can make better shots and get more points. That’s what this app gives you. You’ll have more control over your shots because you’ll be able to see the whole goal and the shooting points while your opponent won’t. This means you can hit the striker in any way you want.

No Ban

The app also uses innovative technology, so your ID won’t get you kicked out of the actual game. Since this is a utility app, you will have an unfair advantage over other players, but don’t worry; your account won’t be hacked if you use it.

Change Length Line

Using this app with your Carrom Pool game can make your “Aim line” longer. With this more extensive line, you’ll be able to aim better before you play any shots.

How To Play Aim Carrom?

The Aim Carrom Mod Apk is not a game in and of itself. Instead, it is a tool that helps you win all of the Carrom Pool games. So, if you want this app to work, you must have the carrom pool game on your phone or tablet.

This game will help you improve your aim and give you more control over your shots. With this app, it’s easy to play different trick shots. This app gives you a second guided aim line, whose length you can also change to suit your needs.

All these things will make you a pro at playing all the games of Carrom Pool. Not only will you be a pro at playing, but if you use this tool with your game, you won’t lose any games.


This is not the game itself; the Aim Carrom Mod Apk is just a tool that helps you play the carrom pool game. So you need to instal the Carrom Pool game first and then this app. The app will only work on your device if you do this. So now is the time to download it and use it with your Carrom Pool game.

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