1v1.LOL MOD APK v4.38 (God Mode, Speed, Wall Hack)

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Action Android game 1v1.LOL Online Building & Shooting Simulator lets you fight to stay alive and win the game.
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Name 1v1.LOL - Gun Shooting Game
Package lol.onevone
Publisher JustPlay.LOL
Category Action
Version 4.38
Size 226M
Requires Android 5.0 and up
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Different from other action games. 1v1.LOL is a game about action and shooting. You must play a lead role. Take part in a battle between robots with weapons. With the different game modes, you must beat your opponent and build a wall to protect yourself. Most games in the same genre require you to complete quests, like killing enemies. Look for things and get ready for an exciting battle. When you go to 1v1.LOL, you’ll notice that it’s different because you’ll be paired up to fight with guns. And make a shelter for yourself.

Because of this, 1v1.LOL hacks has caught the attention of players. In this situation, there are many different kinds of action games available. When 1v1.LOL comes out; players will be put together with a random person within 3 seconds. In particular, you can shoot and use automatic triggers in this game. Make it easier for players to move around when fighting. When a player joins the game, they will be asked to give their character a name. Makes a virtual copy of the character’s birth certificate. And in the first game, don’t rush into battle. Instead, do some practice first to get used to the game. What could be better than being the best shooter and beating your opponent?

Download 1v1.LOL MOD APK: Ultimate War of Building & Shooting


Players can participate in battles with other people in several ways in this game. And most of the time, it happened at the Battle of Royals. In this battle, players will not only have to beat their opponents, but they will also have to build spells that are hidden by using the tools and supplies that are given. Try to be the best of the best. Quickly kill your enemies and create a safe place to hide. At the same time, I work hard to get more experience in battle. You can start training and fighting your opponents as soon as you download 1v1.LOL Hacks.

Interesting Mode

play in seconds

Your goal is to kill the other team quickly. Make sure that your robot is the last one standing. Every time you build a wall to protect yourself from your opponent, try to kill them. Use the 3D images in the game to check out your surroundings. Try to move quickly and keep an eye on your opponent as you move. If you don’t, it will be straightforward for your opponent to beat you. It’s not hard to figure out how to play 1v1.LOL MOD APK. You can do it with an easy-to-use control panel while on the go. Press the key on the left side of the screen to make your character move. Smoothly combine defence and attack, knock out your opponent, and take the middle.

Different Weapons

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The system for getting weapons in 1v1.LOL MOD APK is pretty simple. Sniper rifles, shotguns, and axes are the three primary weapons. Players can think about how to use weapons in different situations, depending on what’s happening. And use it to your liking. So, that’s it. Pretty simple, right? You can also get help firing a gun and have the trigger pulled automatically. Makes it easier to join a battle. But it would be best if you still practised during the first game to shoot better and build walls faster. You can also use your ultimate shooting skill whenever you kill an enemy.

Putting up a shelter

build fights

Build walls to protect yourself from enemy bullets. Players will have the tools and supplies they need to build bases. You can make it however you want to. But think about how it could help you dodge bullets from the enemy. At the same time, it’s not hard to get there. The shape of the shelter doesn’t matter much, so let’s focus on what it will protect us from. Having a safe place to go can make it easier to beat your enemy. So, when you build, please do a careful calculation.

Now is the time to download 1v1.LOL MOD APK, and join the fake gunfights. Make up your top gun battles and kill your opponents right now. This game promises to give you a great time. Help you feel less tired and think more strategically. Do you want to be the best shooter of all time? How quickly can you beat all your opponents? Building a record that was the best for you and the whole world? Let’s do our best with 1v1 right away. LOL! Now, let’s make a proud record together.

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